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Questions & Answers About Life Part 2

Posted on Nov 4, 2009

The following are questions submitted in a recent webinar I held in October titled “Master Your Reality”. Each week a few new questions and responses from the event will be posted. QUESTION: How can I accept that everything happens for a reason when I am at my breaking point while I am going through the process? RESPONSE: You do not have to accept this. You can choose to see nothing but randomness or bad luck but it will bring you no closer to a solution for your perceived problems. Accepting that things are happening for a reason gives you the chance to discover where the reality before you is coming from. Accepting that there is a purpose puts you in the path to find it, resolve it and hence change your reality so you no longer feel like you are at a breaking point. Acceptance IS the beginning of the pathway to change. QUESTION: Can you please talk more about how the universe is a giant mirror? What does that mean for our behavior and the way we think? How do we use this knowledge to our advantage? RESPONSE: What you believe is true is mirrored in the way you act. The universe reflects you actions back to you by what you experience from these thoughts and actions. When what you believe is not in sync with the reality you experience, you are confronted with this truth. Often times this is in painful ways. The purpose of the disharmony is to nudge you closer and closer to collective truth. When what you believe is in harmony with reality, you experience total peace and fulfillment. They way this knowledge can be used is how it allows you to be more aware of who you really are leading you to become a very powerful creator of your reality. QUESTION: What do you do when your practicing these techniques and are suddenly stuck a serious emotional blow? How do you bounce back? RESPONSE: You realize that you have overcome it ALL and that you are overcoming it ALL and that you will overcome it ALL. Emotional blows reveal attachments to the things in your outer world. The key is to enjoy and cherish those things while realizing that who you are at your very essence is always beyond the need for them. This allows for the most sacred and fulfilling experience of these things while you are experiencing them. When something seemingly devastating occurs the question to ask yourself is “Who do I want to be in relationship to this event.” Am I going to curl up in a ball forever or am I going to get up, dust off and choose to live life fully. The choice is always yours and it will determine not only the quality of your experience of life but what you create within it. The power over “time” is always with you. Check out my website for more information at...

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Why It all happens for You…

Posted on Mar 15, 2009

How many times in your life have you asked or wondered as it pertains to negative events or trying situations, “Why is this happening to me?” These are the seemingly random or unfortunate developments that suddenly disrupt your specific expectations in life. These situations that abruptly cause life to change in an undesired way are often resisted at first through anger or even denial. This resistance will go on until the overwhelming nature of the reality is too much to ignore, allowing the process of acceptance to begin to set in. Acceptance can lead to sadness or even a sense of despondency as the current undesired truth is realized. Rationalizations then quickly form in an attempt to make sense of it all. Often they are ones such as, “I am so unlucky” or “I never get a break” or “These things always happen to me”. Gaining a greater understanding of the reason why all things happens to you can be the one of the most empowering and liberating realizations you can come to understand in your life. In this elegant universe nothing is random. All events, people, places and things that you encounter have a specific meaning for YOU on your journey of life. The challenge or situation you sometimes find yourself in at any given moment is always related to what you have asked to ultimately experience in your world. You may not realize this at the time it occurs but yet its purpose will some day or some moment be revealed. You may have even heard the saying before, “Be careful what you wish for”. The process of receiving this vital and life changing awareness can only come through the experience of life itself. Therefore, trying and challenging times with your finances, family, relationships, career and personal struggles all have a purpose within them. They each reveal the gap between what you desire to experience and the truth of where you are and what you yet need to learn along your personal creation process. The main point is that the universe is always here to serve you. It can only respond to what you say you truly want when you emit a true earnest desire. The universe’s love for you is unconditional. You may not be initially happy with the truth of the path you need to take and the learning experiences that need to be worked through, but you can rest assured that it is all perfect for you and your desired, expanding and creative journey of life. Each moment is elegantly scripted, developed and directed by the amazing You, including this one right here right now. The more you realize this, the more your resistance to certain things in your world turns to acceptance, your contempt to compassion, your judgment to understanding and your anger to love. When this newfound faith is embraced, you become graced with more of the infinite power over time to consciously create and experience life exactly as you desire. Before this, the process of time will simply go on…. Much Love,Howard Give me a fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections. ~Vilfredo Pareto Check out my website for more information at...

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The Real Key to Life’s Wishing Well

Posted on Jan 4, 2009

“Ask and it shall be given you” or “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you” is the way it has been described in biblical text. “Ask, believe, recieve.” is the more modern mantra for the hope of quick manifestation results. But what is the real essence behind life’s law of attraction and creation? Like many things in life, there are no shortcuts to this understanding. As much as it would be nice to just think positively and have things appear, there is a deeper required attention that needs to be paid to how the experience of life works. There is no better place to start this understanding than from the example of your own life. When you look around the room or place you are at right now, ask yourself, “How did you get to this exact place in your life right now with all of your current circumstances?” What you will ultimately realize is that your current situation has come together out of the thousands of choices you have made. Choices that were based on what you thought you needed to do to fulfill your intent in each particular previous moment. You have created it all which means you will continue to create it all. The magic of manifesting is to become more aware in each moment of WHAT you are creating and HOW you are creating it. Just as every seed that has grown into something has been cultivated in some way with a certain amount of soil, water and sunlight to produce a certain result, your wishes and desires, which are your seeds, will need to be cultivated in a certain way for particular desired result as well. The universe is not a one way hand out street. You have to work hand in hand with the universe in the process of manifestation. You have to demonstrate the faith and belief in who you are through the actions you take to make your wishes real. By cultivating your desires with a strong belief that it will happen, an honesty about where you are in the process of achieving it, and a persistent action towards your ultimate goal, you become your own Genie. Yes you need to ask, yes you need to believe, but faith demonstrated through your actions is the most powerful energy there is, and it is your true key to the wishing well of your life. Check out my website for more information at...

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New Video Blog Part 2 “Creating the Life You Desire”

Posted on Dec 28, 2008 Check out my website for more information at...

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