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Howard Falco


After going through a dramatic and massive expansion in consciousness, Author Howard Falco got a rare glimpse of the core nature of reality and how it all gets created.His information is direct, relatable and powerfully effective to those looking for new answers peace and real change in life.

The intention of Howard’s talks are as follows:

TO ENLIGHTEN THE AUDIENCE on their true creative power, purpose in life and the possibilities available to them in all their creative desires.

TO INSPIRE THE AUDIENCE members to believe in themselves and their worthiness and capabilities in life inspiring an entirely different level of creative energy.

TO EMPOWER THE AUDIENCE with a new sense of knowledge and awareness regarding the opportunity that life offers and supports them with in each moment.

TO TRANSFORM THE AUDIENCE and their way of thinking from a place of limits and misunderstanding to a way of thinking that sees answers and an endless stream of new possibilities

Speech & Discussion Topics

  • Mastering your true creative power
  • How to inspire and truly motivate others
  • The most effective path to what you desire to experience
  • The secret energy of your state of mind
  • The most effective process to manifest your dreams & goals
  • Build “YOU” and it will all come
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