What will this information do for me?

The information is designed to offer you more peace and creative power through the presentation of a fresh awareness of how and why you are the person that you are. It is this new understanding of YOU that will empower you to take more conscious control of the choices that you will allow NEW results. My books and the information here are for those who are ready to experience new positive change.

How does a private session work?

The process works in a one-on-one setting (in person, Skype-FaceTime or over the phone), as a general two-way conversation of questions and self-inquiry. Ideas are presented for your contemplation, clarity and personal empowerment. This could be about anything from wanting to improve peace of mind, better a relationship, enhance sports performance, or achieve a certain job. The goal of the process is completely up to you based on what you desire to know and experience.

Is this information religious based or of a certain spirituality or philosophy?

No. The information is not associated with any religion, religious practice, or current group or organization. The word spirituality is a relative term that has a different meaning based on each person’s individual definition. While the ideas expressed during a private session may crossover into ideas often covered by religion, spirituality, or science, it is not directly related to any of these paradigms of thought.

What are your credentials?

I candidly express that I am not a doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, or new age healer. I do not have a degree in theology or philosophy, have not spent any time learning from any guru or master, and have not obtained a Ph.D. in physics or another field of science. In late 2002, I had what can be best described as a sudden or quantum expansion in awareness, wherein the origin and cause of all human emotions, states of mind, and actions were revealed. An analogy to describe how this came to be in my life would be one of putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Each experience we have helps to bring us to understand and know more pieces of the puzzle of life. This leads to a bigger realization of the answers to certain questions we all have. One day it was as if I was suddenly picked up and held over the entire picture so that I could see each piece and how they all fit perfectly together to form the whole beautiful work of art called life. Since that moment I have been blessed to be able to help thousands reach a state of clarity, peace and understanding for their own lives.

How long is a private session?

Each session is about an hour long. It includes a week after of an open window to ask any questions or get any further clarifications.

What can I expect from a private session?

You can expect that you will be presented with a new way to look at an old problem or undesired state of mind. You will be introduced to fresh information that may bring peace and unveil an answer for you and your life. Afterwards, you will experience the relief of no longer being unaware of the reason for your particular situation. How fast you apply the information will always be up to you.

Are the answers you offer me for my life your answers and your experience of truth?

No. You will ultimately always determine whether the reflection that is offered to you is an appropriate answer for you and your life.  I will present you with a different perspective of your life that as of yet you may have been unable to see on your own. One of these new angles of perception may be the one that brings the breakthrough that you have desired in your life. This process is not about me; it is about you.

What is “The Truth”?

The truth is always what works for you in achieving peace or the intent you have for yourself in any moment of your life. It is the current moment’s limit of your awareness of who you are.

What is the ultimate goal of this process?

The goal is to provide you with the awareness to achieve whatever it is that you want to know, accomplish or experience. It is your dedication to the process and willingness to participate in self-reflection that will determine how fast this occurs. I merely offer you that this information of “truth” is available to you at any time that you are ready to allow it into your awareness. No one is denied revelation. My case is proof of that. I am an ordinary person who asked, opened, and then allowed the information in. The true “magic” is that there is no magic and there is no one individual favored over another, just the realization of the beauty and perfection that is each one of us. With your permission, happiness, tranquility, and a life of unlimited creation are yours.
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