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As we close in on another year it is the time for reflection and projection. We reflect on what happened this year along our journey and then imagine and project what we desire to accomplish and experience in the year ahead.

Every year January 1st becomes the pinnacle day for setting intentions and goals, Goals that unfortunately very rarely become reality. So, maybe today is the day to ask yourself, “How many of these resolutions do I actually follow through on?” “How many of these targets do I actually get up everyday of the New Year determined to make real?” “How many more years do I want to go on wishing and hoping to make these dreams a reality?”


Here is the raw truth. You will only follow through on creating that which you truly desire, combined with what you truly take daily action towards, combined with what you truly believe possible for you.  Miss any one of the three above and whatever you intend cannot and will not happen.

You cannot create what you have no desire for, you cannot create what you do not work for and you cannot create what you do not believe in. Most have desires and dreams, fewer yet actually work to create these dreams, and even a smaller percentage actually believe what they dream for themselves is possible.  The magic formula is to have all three. With this combination the universe cannot and then will not deny you but rather it will serve you and your creative imagination.

Of the three ingredients above the one that seem to be the most powerful is the one where you believe what you desire is possible. Seems easy enough right? Wrong. Your reality does not lie. This is where your true personal limitation is exposed. This is where the story you have been carrying about your life is revealed for the way it has kept you form going further in life. Whether it is in losing weight, experiencing financial abundance, finding a soul mate, establishing a career you find fulfilling, or desiring world peace.  All the desire and work at it in the world won’t lead to it happening unless you can believe it as a possibility for you at some level of your being.

This brings us to the truth beyond all truths. But, first let’s start with the lie. The lie is that you are limited in what you can create for yourself, or that you are limited in what you deserve, or that you are limited in what you are worth. None of this is true.  In this moment as in every other moment of your life, only one truth is real. And that is the truth that what is possible for you is anything. This is the truth that ends all the hesitation, dissolves all the excuses and exposes all the lies. This is the path that leads you to your most powerful energy of expression and creative manifestations.

“No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see the possibilities – always see them, for they are always there.”

— Norman Vincent Peale

May you have the most beautiful and fulfilling year of your life in 2012 and beyond.

Howard 🙂

Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher and author of a powerful new book on self-awareness titled, “I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are (Tarcher/Penguin) He teaches and speaks on the power of the mind and the creation of personal reality. More about his work and schedule can be found at

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