What You Can Do to Help Change Your World

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 | 0 comments

Once again we are reminded of the negative aspects of life as we witness the senselessness of another mass shooting. We watch and we are aghast at the reality of another 9 lives lost in a scenario that never should have happened. The why’s of this situation, like so many before it, will never truly be known. Even if they could be known would we ever accept a reason that makes the unfortunate event any better or any easier to deal with?

As we scramble for answers and solutions on different sides of the debate about what to do, we are likely to see the same stagnated rhetoric with lawmakers. They most likely will let the hysteria die down and hope they don’t have to deal with this again soon. It’s a frustrating and helpless feeling for everyday people who want to see changes that put the proper systems in place that make for a better world.

What we are learning about the shooter is that he was a loner. He was depressed and despondent with life. Lost in a system overwhelmed by too many that carry the same burdens of mind. He just happened to have given up in the worst kind of way. If only someone could have reached him sooner.

The similar profile of so many around the world that act in evil and destructive ways are leading us to an answer. It’s time to take a different approach.

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