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I have recently begun to take questions about life from people dealing with the challenges of their everyday reality. These individuals are looking to understand how to incorporate a greater sense of awareness and perception into their situation that leads to real change. Presented here are this months selected questions and the responses offered.


I understand so much of what is being offered by this new thought movement logically, but I can’t seem to embrace it emotionally for real change. I feel like I should get this by now. How do I overcome this?

First let me just say that you said, “I can’t seem to embrace” which is a present tense creative statement. You may want to say it as ,“I haven’t yet been able to embrace…”

Secondly, remember you are always right where you’re supposed to be because there is no other place. Give yourself a break, accept and love where you are in the process. Anything else is denial. There is no timetable or benchmark on your personal evolution of consciousness.

Third, once you are in this balanced, loving and accepting state of mind, ask yourself what it is exactly that you haven’t yet been able to embrace in this moment. This has been your point of resistance.

Well, saying that I’m right where I’m supposed to be doesn’t exactly feel good when where I am right now is in pain.

Accepting where you are right now is not the acceptance of it for your future. Ironically, your acceptance of it is actually what will liberate you from the experience of it in this moment. If you don’t understand that right now, this is where you are, regardless of the circumstances that got you here, you will use all of your energy to defend yourself against this truth by holding up woulda, coulda and shouldas in your mind, rather than to use your infinite supply of energy to take the action that actually changes what is true for you. Denial will get you nowhere.

Ok so I’m supposed to be in pain?

You are wherever you decide to be based on how you interpret the circumstances of your world and your personal story.

Well I’m sorry, but struggling financially and feeling tired and unhealthy is not where I want to be.

So where do you want to be?

Financially stable and healthy.

Then choose to be this now. Begin in this moment to make new choices in relation to how you make and how you spend your money. Begin right now to love and honor yourself in a new way where you generate the positive energy that heals your soul and cleanses your spirit giving you renewed energy and vitality to go after any job you truly desire. Start yourself on a path where you never give up….ever.

Most importantly, if you cannot do this ask yourself why? Discover the false beliefs you hold of imperfection or lack. This is the coding that is driving your current experience of reality. On some level your thoughts about who you are contain the current limits you are experiencing in life. Challenge them and choose to replace them with new ideas for who you are that contain abundance and vitality.

And if I do this and nothing changes?

The do it again. Do it until you finally have learned all you need to learn to change the reality. You cannot fail. The truth of your beliefs, however, will always be your experience at any given moment of your reality.

And the part about embracing these ideas more in my daily life?

You will take this understanding from your head to your heart when you are finally tired enough of what you currently experience. When your desire for change outweighs your fear of the unknown. Moving this information from your head to your heart is the change and this is what you are protecting yourself from. You are always pacing the unfolding of your consciousness and the essence of your experience of time. You are always in charge of the creative energy you release to your world.


The economy is horrible and it is really affecting me. How do I deal with this? I am a realtor and the market is terrible. How do I turn it around?

Tell me what turn it around means to you.

I’d like to make at least 60% of what I made in a good market.

How hard were you working in a good market?

4 days a week but the phone was ringing off the hook with buyers looking for homes. Now the phone barely rings.

So you will have to change what you are doing. You might have to work 6 or 7 days a week and begin a new marketing campaign to get your phone ringing again.

But I don’t want to work 7 days a week and marketing plans cost money.

I understand.

I just want it to be like it used to be.

Used to be is an illusion. There is only what is, here, and now. You refusal to be here and now is what will keep you stuck in the illusion of time.   When your stuck in time nothing changes for you while everything changes around you.

I am here and now and I say its not fair!

It is not a matter of fair it is a matter of the acceptance that you live within a universe of constant change. If you desire to be at peace by creating an income of 60% of what you used to make then you will have to accept the conditions that are now present and make new decisions from this present state awareness. With a strong desire for your stated goal nothing will stop you from the actions that will create what you desire and probably much more.

So stop fooling myself with wishful thinking?

You can always have wishful thinking but at the same time if you want things to change it starts and ends with you. You cannot operate from an illusion and experience a new reality. What you will actually get is another bigger illusion. You can only operate from an acceptance of the current reality and then from this present accepting state, with clarity, begin to create a new one.

How do I begin?

You already have begun by asking the questions. All you have to do now is be aware of what is presented to you and if you so choose to, take the next step.


Why can’t I find someone I enjoy to share my life with?



You made a present tense statement which will be used to create your future. I added yet to the end of the sentence to offer you that the first step is to open you up to the possibility of it happening in your future.

You’re saying that I don’t see it as a possibility and that’s why it’s not happening?

I am not saying it, you said it. I am only offering you what your words reveal about your true thoughts. It is your true thoughts that create your experience of life. The more you can become conscious of a previous subconscious belief and creation process, the more you have creative control over your life.

Yea well that’s great and all but the only people I meet are creeps.

So be it.

Oh I see another present tense statement?


So how do I change it?

Partly by what you are doing right now.  By becoming more aware of what you believe so that you can ask yourself if the beliefs you hold serve you now.

But I do believe that I am worth meeting the right person!

That’s great. So now let’s do a litmus test to see if this is true. Tell me five things you have done in the past week that validates this belief.

Reluctantly, I signed up for an online dating service. I went out with my friends the other night. Ummmm….

That’s ok, lets start first with the word reluctantly.

Well you’ve heard of all the horrors stories haven’t you?

I’m sure they exist but I have also heard of all the success stories as well. Thousands of people who are making beautiful connections each day. The point is you can have preconceived notions that jade your perception and keep you from possibility or you can open to faith and belief and allow magic to happen. Either way you’re controlling the input and output.

The big question is do you love who you are enough to KNOW that you are going to meet the right one. Because when you do you will be open to all possibility in every second of every day. The universe will become your co-creation partner in the deal and you will see all the things that enter your reality as the universes responds to what you asked for. Each will be seen as a condition that is needed to get you where you asked to go. Just like this one right now 😉

Howard Falco, is the author of a powerful new book on self-awareness titled, “I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are (Tarcher/Penguin) He is a spiritual teacher and speaker on the power of the mind and the creation of personal reality. More about his work and schedule can be found at

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